I’m a Libra

The shortest chapter in the longest book

Still you’ll have no time to read

An unbalanced man standing on shaken ground

Confused indeed

Not into love because love grabs the soul and then releases with no say

I’d rather fuck and more on, forget you exist and then go our separate ways

Don’t pretend you know me, i doubt you do or even that you would want to try

Who wants to know a tomorrow hunted by its yesterday waiting for today to die?

I’m a Libra.

Posted 1 year ago
"I can’t change what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it."

— Maya Angelou

Posted 1 year ago
Anonymous Neggro text me or bring your butt back to twitter.... Yours truly @deant88

LOL… you text me bc im like 1000% sure i no longer have your number

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The Queen

Posted 1 year ago

Emeli Sande ~CLOWN~



"Objects in mirror are more ghetto than they appear"